Our Valued Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life.

Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity. We are nothing without our dedicated staff. If you take a few minutes to get to know us online, when you walk through our doors and see familiar faces, it will make your experience with us that much better.

  • Roger A. Beyers

    Roger A. Beyers, President/3rd Generation Owner

  • Roger  Beyers Jr.

    Roger Beyers Jr., Crematory Operations Manager

    I’m a Certified Crematory Operator with 14 years of experience. I was born and still reside in Leesburg, FL. After graduating Leesburg High School, I obtained an Associate in Arts degree from Lake Sumter and an Associate in Mortuary Science from, Gupton-Jones. I am the 4th generation of Beyers Funeral Home and currently serve as our Crematory Manager. Outside of work I enjoy running 5k’s, paddleboarding, hunting, fishing, concerts, and just about anything outdoors.

  • David G. Rosenbalm

    David G. Rosenbalm, Director of Operations

    I am a lifelong Leesburg resident and graduate of Leesburg High School. After working part time with the Beyers Funeral Home family and realizing how meaningful it is walking a family through their time of loss, I received an A.S. in Mortuary Science from St. Petersburg College in 1995 becoming a fully licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer in 1996. I am a board member of the Independent Funeral Directors of Florida and member of FEMORS, Florida’s Emergency Mortuary Operations Response team. I previously served on the board of the Leesburg Rotary Club and the Leesburg Chamber of Commerce. I enjoy spending time with family, Disney, and the Florida Gators.

  • Keith A. Sumner

    Keith A. Sumner, Location Manager, Purcell Chapel

    I have been a licensed funeral director in Florida since 1985 and in the funeral business since 1981. I have been at Beyers Funeral Home since 1988. I became interested in the funeral business to serve people during the most difficult time in their lives. I live in Bushnell. I’m married and have 3 daughters and four grandchildren. I am a member of Cross Connection Church in Bushnell, an Eagle Scout, have served in the Rotary Club, Kiwanis and love being a part of our community. I enjoy water sports, go carting, disc golf, fishing, the Indy 500 and most of all time with family.

  • Terry L. Hensley

    Terry L. Hensley, Location Manager, The Villages/Lady

    I’ve been a funeral director since 1980 besides a need for a career. I always wanted a career that brought me satisfaction of being able to help someone during a difficult time in their life. A career that is more the a vocation but also a ministry. To be able to combine business and ministry is difficult but it is fulfilling when they are accomplished together.

  • Abigail Brown

    Abigail Brown, Licensed Funeral Director

    I graduated from Worsham College of Mortuary Science, Wheeling, IL in 2017 and am a first-generation Funeral Director and Embalmer. I was drawn to working with the deceased from a very young age and have always had a desire to lovingly care for them, treating them with dignity and respect as I prepare them for their final resting place. I particularly love helping families choose the services that best fit the wishes and reflects the life of their departed loved one. On my time away from work, I enjoy kayaking with my husband on the many rivers and springs in Florida, Bible-studying on my lanai, hunting for shark teeth and sea glass on the beach, hiking on park trails with my dog, camping, and spending time with my family.

  • LaShana Carter

    LaShana Carter, Licensed Funeral Director

    I am a graduate of Gupton- Jones College of Mortuary Science in Decatur, GA. I am originally from Gary, Indiana and happily relocated to the beautiful state of Florida in 2006. I’ve been married for 16 years and have two magnificent children. I am a first-generation Funeral Director and Embalmer. After being introduced to this field I knew there was so much more I could do to contribute to families when they need guidance and understanding the most. I have a vast amount of love and compassion and want to make this period in time easier to bear for them.

  • Steven L. Cruttenden

    Steven L. Cruttenden, Licensed Funeral Director

    I’ve been a licensed funeral director/ embalmer since 1988. I love helping people and God put me in this position to be able to help folks through a difficult time. I’ve been married 24 years to my beautiful wife we have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I’m a former high school & collegiate athlete. I have coached all levels of baseball including 6 years as a high school head coach, I enjoy staying fit, gardening, the outdoors, fishing , and spending time with my family.

  • Kristina  Eldridge

    Kristina Eldridge, Licensed Funeral Director

    I have been in the funeral industry since 2002. I received my mortuary degree from St. Petersburg College and have been a licensed funeral director and embalmer for the past 11 years at Purcell Chapel, Beyers Funeral Home. I decided to go into the funeral industry to serve and help families in the community that I grew up in. I am a member of the United Methodist Church of St. Catherine, the Independent Funeral Directors of Florida and sit on the Evergreen Cemetery Board of Trustees. I love spending time with my family and alongside my daughters, being involved with the 4H and FFA programs in Sumter County.

  • Patrick Fulton

    Patrick Fulton, Licensed Funeral Director

  • Rich Jorgensen

    Rich Jorgensen, Licensed Funeral Director

    I grew up in Racine, WI; graduating from Horlick High School. After 30 years in manufacturing, I began my career in 2011 as an apprentice and completed my schooling in the Funeral Service Program at the Milwaukee Area Technical College in 2012. My wife Connie and I have two children, Trista and Steve and 3 granddaughters. When not working at the funeral home I enjoy working in my yard, spending time with friends and family (I’m 1 of 9 siblings), and traveling to see my granddaughters. I appreciate that each family has different needs; I readily adjusts to meet those needs and am honored to help families through the entire funeral process.

  • Tony  Kamus

    Tony Kamus, Licensed Funeral Director

    I’ve been a funeral director since 1977, but started working in the profession in 1972. I am a licensed funeral director in Florida and North Carolina. I started working at the funeral home part-time while going to college studying to be a civil or mechanical engineer. I decided then that I prefer helping families through a most difficult time in their lives in dealing with the loss of their loved one.

  • Rick B. Kurfiss

    Rick B. Kurfiss, Licensed Funeral Director

    I’ve been a funeral director since 1976. I’m 3rd generation funeral director. My family started/owned 2 funeral homes in 1947.

  • Alexis Meyer

    Alexis Meyer, Licensed Intern

    I am a current student of St. Petersburg College, and a first generation Funeral Director and Embalmer. Shortly after I began the mortuary program at St. Pete, my grandfather unexpectedly passed away. His death really opened my eyes to the need for nurturing, empathetic, and compassionate personalities in this industry. Since then, I have striven to be that guiding light that every family needs during arguably one of the hardest times in their lives, and care for each family’s loved one with the dignity and respect they deserve. Something my family did not get. I have one fur baby , Hemi. Outside of work, I enjoy yoga, archery, reading, and mudding with my family.

  • Steve Teeple

    Steve Teeple, Licensed Funeral Director

    After graduating from mortuary school, class of 1968, at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, I spent several years working in Detroit and Kalamazoo. Focusing on funeral service completely has been rewarding, working one-on-one with families in a personal setting, helping them overcome the initial devastation of losing someone close and entering the everyday trials of life. My wife and my lives revolve around scuba diving, sporting clays and sewing which works well in Florida.

  • Bob  Wallace

    Bob Wallace, Licensed Funeral Director

    Started in 1972 in Connecticut. After working as an associate during college decided funeral directing was an honorable career that supports families in an extremely difficult period in their lives I left the industry for a period of time. And returned 10 years ago to continue in my pursuit of serving families. In my 70s I still find great satisfaction and comfort in this role.

  • Kathy  Riley

    Kathy Riley, Advance Funeral Planning

    After teaching elementary school for a few years, I began working in the funeral industry in 1998 as an advance funeral planning advisor. I continue to use my education background by explaining options and ultimately assisting families with making funeral arrangements in advance. It is especially rewarding to facilitate the peace of mind that pre planning brings. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, music, watching sports and enjoying the great outdoors with my husband and son and daughter and their spouses.

  • Ilene Newton

    Ilene Newton, Aftercare Coordinator

  • Carol  Hall

    Carol Hall, Aftercare Coordinator

  • Wanda Keegan, MA

    Wanda Keegan, MA, Director Aftercare

    Through life experience and education, Wanda provides an empathic listening ear, comfort, and encouragement to those who have experienced loss. Under her guidance, the Aftercare Program has grown in new geographic areas, offering opportunities for fellowship, support, and acceptance. These events provide safe spaces for people to gather together, enjoy a meal, take a walk, or have conversations. Being part of the Aftercare Programs helps folks realize that even in the darkest days, they are not alone. Wanda enjoys bicycling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and working in the yard.